Protected Storage Pack

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The Protected Storage Pack is a collection of classes that allow you to interact with an Operating System's protected storage using sources, filters and sinks. The classes integrate with Apple KeyChain and Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI).

The header and the source files in the pack are guarded by the Crypto++ library's NO_OS_DEPENDENCE macro. They will not be available if you define NO_OS_DEPENDENCE. Please ensure the macro is not defined, or guard your code accordingly.

Note well: this class is not part of the Crypto++ library. You must download the files below.


To compile the files, simply drop them in your cryptopp folder and then execute Crypto++'s GNUmakefile. The library's makefile will automatically pick them up. Windows users should add the header and source files to the cryptlib project in their respective folders.

There are two C++ source files in the ZIP to add to Crypto++. The files are:

  • ospstore.h - the include file for the classes
  • ospstore.cpp - the source file for the classes

Downloads - Additional source files which allow you to use the Operating System's protected storage with sources, filters and sinks.