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Pages tagged with the Patch category offer a patch for the Crypto++ library. Patches are maintained by the community and attempt to improve Crypto++ in some way. Sometimes a patch modifies existing library files, sometimes the patches add new files, and sometimes they are a combination of new and modified files. Sometimes the patches are incorporated into the library by Wei Dai, and other times they are not.

When providing patches, please provide them rolled up into a ZIP file because they can be uploaded to the Wiki and all operating systems easily handle the format. If the patch modifies an existing file, then there should be a DIFF of the changes so others can quickly see what has changed. An example of adding new files to the library can be found at PEM Pack. An example of modifying the library, including a DIFF of the modified files, and including the modified files can be found at Base64URLEncoder and Gzip.

Note: The GNUmakefile for Unix and Linux will automatically pick up the *.cpp files so nothing has to be done for the platforms. On Windows under Visual Studio, you may need to modify the cryptlib.vcxproj by adding the *.h files to the headers folder; and the *.cpp files to the sources folder.

Note: If taken, the patch will be placed in Public Domain with no restrictions. Public Domain is used for three reasons. First, it removes copyright and licensing hurdles for users of the library. Second, it allows users who cannot be tainted by toxic licensing terms to view the code. Third, it makes it easy for Wei Dai to uptake the patch and incorporate it into Crypto++.