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WideCharToMultiByteFilter was developed during the discussion of intermediate filters. Though a learning tool, the filter is useful on Windows platforms. Filter related details can be found at Filter (Intermediate). The remainder of this topic discusses how to use the filter. The counterpart to WideCharToMultiByteFilter is MultiByteToWideCharFilter.

Sample Programs

Crypto++ does not offer a WideStringSource, so the wide string is pushed in using a the StringSource or ArraySource. The StringSource or ArraySource must report the size in bytes and not wide characters.


wstring wide = L"WideCharToMultiByte Test";
string narrow;

// Need to send in byte count. A
// WideStringSource is probably a better idea
ArraySource( (const byte*) wide.data(),
    wide.size()*sizeof(wchar_t), true,
        new WideCharToMultiByteFilter(
    new StringSink( narrow )

assert( "WideCharToMultiByte Test" == narrow );
cout << narrow << endl;


WideCharToMultiByteFilter.zip - Crypto++ Filter sample wrapping Window's WideCharToMultiByte - 8KB