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CCM< T_BlockCipher, T_DefaultDigestSize > Struct Template Reference

CCM block cipher mode of operation. More...

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Public Types

typedef CCM_Final< T_BlockCipher, T_DefaultDigestSize, true > Encryption
typedef CCM_Final< T_BlockCipher, T_DefaultDigestSize, false > Decryption
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typedef AuthenticatedSymmetricCipher Encryption
 implements the AuthenticatedSymmetricCipher interface
typedef AuthenticatedSymmetricCipher Decryption
 implements the AuthenticatedSymmetricCipher interface

Detailed Description

template<class T_BlockCipher, int T_DefaultDigestSize = 16>
struct CCM< T_BlockCipher, T_DefaultDigestSize >

CCM block cipher mode of operation.

Template Parameters
T_BlockCipherblock cipher
T_DefaultDigestSizedefault digest size, in bytes

CCM provides the Encryption and Decryption typedef. See GCM_Base and GCM_Final for the AuthenticatedSymmetricCipher implementation.

See also
CCM Mode and Modes of Operation on the Crypto++ wiki.
Crypto++ 5.6.0

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