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BlockGetAndPut< T, B, GA, PA > Struct Template Reference

Access a block of memory. More...

Public Types

typedef PutBlock< T, B, PA > Put

Static Public Member Functions

static GetBlock< T, B, GA > Get (const void *block)

Detailed Description

template<class T, class B, bool GA = false, bool PA = false>
struct BlockGetAndPut< T, B, GA, PA >

Access a block of memory.

Template Parameters
Tclass or type
Benumeration indicating endianness
GAflag indicating alignment for the Get operation
PAflag indicating alignment for the Put operation

GetBlock() provides alternate write access to a block of memory. The enumeration B is BigEndian or LittleEndian. The flag A indicates if the memory block is aligned for class or type T.

See also
GetBlock() and PutBlock().

Definition at line 3052 of file misc.h.

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