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Crypto++ source code is now available from GitHub. The SVN repository will receive security fixes and limited bug fixes, but it is intended to be phased out. Due to the SourceForge outage in July, 2015, the repo is in a bad state. Because of the migration to GitHub, the repo will no longer be maintained.

The page below is retained for historical purposes.

Crypto++ SVN Repository

Crypto++ source code is available from The latest code (including bug fixes) can be found at the project page.

If using a SVN client, point your Repo-Browser to Or issue the following from the command line:

$ svn checkout cryptopp

When it comes time to sync because the SVN sources have changed on SourceForge, issue:

$ svn update

If you are only interested in a checkout up to a specific version, use the -r option. For example, to fetch Crypto++ revision 496, issue the following.