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Crypto++ 5.6.3

Crypto++ 5.6.3 was released on November 20, 2015. The 5.6.3 release was mostly a maintenance release. The release included a few new minor classes, like Base64URLEncoder to provide encoding and decoding using a web safe alphabet.


The download is available from the Crypto++ website. The checksums for the download are below.

Mirrors for the download are below. Note that GitHub and Sourceforge checksums on the ZIP or TAR are different because each creates the archive from sources.

Release Notes

The release notes for Crypto++ 5.6.3 follows.


In June 2015 Wei Dai stepped away from the Crypto++ library to work on other projects. Crypto++ is now maintained by the Crypto++ community. Wei still advises us when we have questions.

File Changes

Below is a list of files that were added or deleted at Crypto++ 5.6.3.

$ git diff-tree -r --summary CRYPTOPP_5_6_2 CRYPTOPP_5_6_3 | grep -v "change" | awk '{$2=$3=""; print $0}'
create .gitignore
create Filelist.txt
create GNUmakefile-cross
create Install.txt
create TestVectors/hkdf.txt
create config.recommend
create cryptest.sh
create hkdf.h
create make-rdrand.cmd
create mersenne.h
create rdrand-masm.cmd
create rdrand-nasm.sh
create rdrand.S
create rdrand.asm
create rdrand.cpp
create rdrand.h
create trap.h
create vs2010.zip