Crypto++  8.6
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HuffmanEncoder Member List

This is the complete list of members for HuffmanEncoder, including all inherited members.

code_t typedef (defined in HuffmanEncoder)HuffmanEncoder
Encode(LowFirstBitWriter &writer, value_t value) const (defined in HuffmanEncoder)HuffmanEncoderinline
GenerateCodeLengths(unsigned int *codeBits, unsigned int maxCodeBits, const unsigned int *codeCounts, size_t nCodes) (defined in HuffmanEncoder)HuffmanEncoderstatic
HuffmanEncoder(const unsigned int *codeBits, unsigned int nCodes)HuffmanEncoder
Initialize(const unsigned int *codeBits, unsigned int nCodes)HuffmanEncoder
m_valueToCode (defined in HuffmanEncoder)HuffmanEncoder
value_t typedef (defined in HuffmanEncoder)HuffmanEncoder