Crypto++  8.6
Free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
ECP Member List

This is the complete list of members for ECP, including all inherited members.

Accumulate(Element &a, const Element &b) constAbstractGroup< ECPPoint >virtual
Add(const Point &P, const Point &Q) constECPvirtual
BERDecodePoint(BufferedTransformation &bt) constECPvirtual
CascadeMultiply(const Integer &k1, const Point &P, const Integer &k2, const Point &Q) const (defined in ECP)ECPinline
CascadeScalarMultiply(const Point &P, const Integer &k1, const Point &Q, const Integer &k2) constECPvirtual
DecodePoint(Point &P, BufferedTransformation &bt, size_t len) constECPvirtual
DecodePoint(Point &P, const byte *encodedPoint, size_t len) constECPvirtual
DEREncode(BufferedTransformation &bt) constECP
DEREncodePoint(BufferedTransformation &bt, const Point &P, bool compressed) constECPvirtual
Double(const Point &P) constECPvirtual
ECP(const ECP &ecp, bool convertToMontgomeryRepresentation)ECP
ECP(const Integer &modulus, const FieldElement &a, const FieldElement &b)ECPinline
ECP(BufferedTransformation &bt)ECP
Element typedef (defined in AbstractGroup< ECPPoint >)AbstractGroup< ECPPoint >
EncodedPointSize(bool compressed=false) constECPinlinevirtual
EncodePoint(byte *encodedPoint, const Point &P, bool compressed) constECPvirtual
EncodePoint(BufferedTransformation &bt, const Point &P, bool compressed) constECPvirtual
Equal(const Point &P, const Point &Q) constECPvirtual
Field typedef (defined in ECP)ECP
FieldElement typedef (defined in ECP)ECP
FieldSize() const (defined in ECP)ECPinline
GetA() const (defined in ECP)ECPinline
GetB() const (defined in ECP)ECPinline
GetField() const (defined in ECP)ECPinline
Identity() const (defined in ECP)ECP
AbstractGroup< ECPPoint >::Identity() const=0AbstractGroup< ECPPoint >pure virtual
Inverse(const Point &P) constECPvirtual
InversionIsFast() const (defined in ECP)ECPinline
AbstractGroup< ECPPoint >::InversionIsFast() constAbstractGroup< ECPPoint >inlinevirtual
Multiply(const Integer &k, const Point &P) const (defined in ECP)ECPinline
operator==(const ECP &rhs) const (defined in ECP)ECPinline
Point typedef (defined in ECP)ECP
Reduce(Element &a, const Element &b) constAbstractGroup< ECPPoint >virtual
ScalarMultiply(const Point &P, const Integer &k) constECPvirtual
SimultaneousMultiply(Point *results, const Point &base, const Integer *exponents, unsigned int exponentsCount) constECPvirtual
Subtract(const Element &a, const Element &b) constAbstractGroup< ECPPoint >virtual
ValidateParameters(RandomNumberGenerator &rng, unsigned int level=3) const (defined in ECP)ECP
VerifyPoint(const Point &P) constECPvirtual
~AbstractGroup() (defined in AbstractGroup< ECPPoint >)AbstractGroup< ECPPoint >inlinevirtual
~ECP() (defined in ECP)ECPinlinevirtual
~EncodedPoint() (defined in EncodedPoint< ECPPoint >)EncodedPoint< ECPPoint >inlinevirtual