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Crypto++ uses the issue tracker at Wei Dai's GitHub to track bugs and feature requests. It is located at Crypto++ Issues.

If you have a feature request, then please check the Category:Patch page. There may be a patch available for the functionality. For example, the patch page already includes patches for cross-compiling on mobile platforms, reading and writing PEM encoded keys, Base64URLEncoder and Base64URLDecoder and Gzip and filetimes, filenames and comments.

Where to File

The Crypto++ homepage incorrectly states to send them to Wei Dai directly. You should not send then directly to Wei because he rarely has time to tend to them.

Instead, you should discuss them on the Crypto++ User Group and then file a bug report. Discussing them on the User Group helps ensure the issue comes to the attention of the right people if its a bug in the library. Otherwise, the issue may not make someone's radar.

What to file

When filing a bug report, please provide the following information.

  • exact error message
  • a minimal program with a main() function, that reproduces the problem
  • stack trace
  • version of Crypto++, operating system, and compiler
  • try to use the -g3 build option as it provides the most complete contextual information

Stack Trace

Please copy from the call stack window of your debugger, or use the bt full command in gdb.

If the crash is reproducible and you have the sources, consider adding -ggdb to CXXFLAGS before submitting a report.

Operating System

Please provide the output of uname -a command if using Unix or Linux.


Please provide the compiler maker and version.

For example, Visual C++ 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, or 8.0:

  • 7.0: Visual Studio .NET
  • 7.1: Visual Studio 2003
  • 8.0: Visual Studio 2005
  • 9.0: Visual Studio 2008

Or the output of gcc -v if using GCC, clang -v if using Clang, etc.