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OAEP< H, MGF > Class Template Reference

EME-OAEP, for use with classes derived from TF_ES More...

#include <oaep.h>

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OAEP_Base EncryptionStandard PK_EncryptionMessageEncodingMethod

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Public Types

typedef OAEP< H, MGF > EncryptionMessageEncodingMethod

Public Member Functions

bool ParameterSupported (const char *name) const
size_t MaxUnpaddedLength (size_t paddedLength) const
 max size of unpadded message in bytes, given max size of padded message in bits (1 less than size of modulus)
void Pad (RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const byte *raw, size_t inputLength, byte *padded, size_t paddedLength, const NameValuePairs &parameters) const
DecodingResult Unpad (const byte *padded, size_t paddedLength, byte *raw, const NameValuePairs &parameters) const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string StaticAlgorithmName ()

Protected Member Functions

unsigned int DigestSize () const
HashTransformationNewHash () const
MaskGeneratingFunctionNewMGF () const
virtual unsigned int DigestSize () const =0
virtual HashTransformationNewHash () const =0
virtual MaskGeneratingFunctionNewMGF () const =0

Detailed Description

template<class H, class MGF = P1363_MGF1>
class OAEP< H, MGF >

EME-OAEP, for use with classes derived from TF_ES

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