Integer::OpenPGPDecodeErr Member List

This is the complete list of members for Integer::OpenPGPDecodeErr, including all inherited members.
CANNOT_FLUSH enum valueException
ErrorType enum nameException
Exception(ErrorType errorType, const std::string &s) (defined in Exception)Exception [inline, explicit]
GetErrorType() const (defined in Exception)Exception [inline]
GetWhat() const (defined in Exception)Exception [inline]
INVALID_ARGUMENT enum valueException
INVALID_DATA_FORMAT enum valueException
IO_ERROR enum valueException
NOT_IMPLEMENTED enum valueException
OpenPGPDecodeErr() (defined in Integer::OpenPGPDecodeErr)Integer::OpenPGPDecodeErr [inline]
OTHER_ERROR enum valueException
SetErrorType(ErrorType errorType) (defined in Exception)Exception [inline]
SetWhat(const std::string &s) (defined in Exception)Exception [inline]
what() const (defined in Exception)Exception [inline]
~Exception() (defined in Exception)Exception [inline, virtual]