Crypto++  5.6.5
Free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
Integer Member List

This is the complete list of members for Integer, including all inherited members.

AbsoluteValue() const (defined in Integer)Integer
ANY enum valueInteger
BERDecode(const byte *input, size_t inputLen)Integer
BERDecode(BufferedTransformation &bt)Integervirtual
BERDecodeAsOctetString(BufferedTransformation &bt, size_t length)Integer
BEREncode(BufferedTransformation &bt) const ASN1Objectinlinevirtual
BitCount() const Integer
ByteCount() const Integer
Compare(const Integer &a) const Integer
ConvertToLong() const Integer
Decode(const byte *input, size_t inputLen, Signedness sign=UNSIGNED)Integer
Decode(BufferedTransformation &bt, size_t inputLen, Signedness sign=UNSIGNED)Integer
DEREncode(BufferedTransformation &bt) const Integervirtual
DEREncodeAsOctetString(BufferedTransformation &bt, size_t length) const Integer
Divide(Integer &r, Integer &q, const Integer &a, const Integer &d)Integerstatic
Divide(word &r, Integer &q, const Integer &a, word d)Integerstatic
DivideByPowerOf2(Integer &r, Integer &q, const Integer &a, unsigned int n)Integerstatic
DividedBy(const Integer &b) const (defined in Integer)Integer
DividedBy(word b) const (defined in Integer)Integer
Doubled() const (defined in Integer)Integerinline
Encode(byte *output, size_t outputLen, Signedness sign=UNSIGNED) const Integer
Encode(BufferedTransformation &bt, size_t outputLen, Signedness sign=UNSIGNED) const Integer
Gcd(const Integer &a, const Integer &n)Integerstatic
GenerateRandom(RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const NameValuePairs &params=g_nullNameValuePairs) (defined in Integer)Integerinline
GenerateRandomNoThrow(RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const NameValuePairs &params=g_nullNameValuePairs) (defined in Integer)Integer
GetBit(size_t i) const Integer
GetBits(size_t i, size_t n) const Integer
GetByte(size_t i) const Integer
InitializeInteger() (defined in InitializeInteger)InitializeIntegerprivate
Integer(const Integer &t)Integer
Integer(signed long value)Integer
Integer(Sign sign, lword value)Integer
Integer(Sign sign, word highWord, word lowWord)Integer
Integer(const char *str, ByteOrder order=BIG_ENDIAN_ORDER)Integerexplicit
Integer(const wchar_t *str, ByteOrder order=BIG_ENDIAN_ORDER)Integerexplicit
Integer(const byte *encodedInteger, size_t byteCount, Signedness sign=UNSIGNED, ByteOrder order=BIG_ENDIAN_ORDER)Integer
Integer(BufferedTransformation &bt, size_t byteCount, Signedness sign=UNSIGNED, ByteOrder order=BIG_ENDIAN_ORDER)Integer
Integer(BufferedTransformation &bt)Integerexplicit
Integer(RandomNumberGenerator &rng, size_t bitCount)Integer
Integer(RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const Integer &min, const Integer &max, RandomNumberType rnType=ANY, const Integer &equiv=Zero(), const Integer &mod=One())Integer
InverseMod(const Integer &n) const Integer
InverseMod(word n) const Integer
IsConvertableToLong() const Integer
IsEven() const Integerinline
IsNegative() const Integerinline
IsOdd() const Integerinline
IsPositive() const Integerinline
IsSquare() const Integer
IsUnit() const Integer
IsZero() const Integerinline
MinEncodedSize(Signedness sign=UNSIGNED) const Integer
Minus(const Integer &b) const (defined in Integer)Integer
Modulo(const Integer &b) const Integer
Modulo(word b) const Integer
MultiplicativeInverse() const Integer
NEGATIVE enum valueInteger
NotNegative() const Integerinline
NotPositive() const Integerinline
NotZero() const Integerinline
OpenPGPDecode(const byte *input, size_t inputLen)Integer
OpenPGPDecode(BufferedTransformation &bt)Integer
OpenPGPEncode(byte *output, size_t bufferSize) const Integer
OpenPGPEncode(BufferedTransformation &bt) const Integer
operator!() const (defined in Integer)Integer
operator%=(const Integer &t)Integerinline
operator%=(word t)Integerinline
operator*=(const Integer &t)Integerinline
operator+() const (defined in Integer)Integerinline
operator++() (defined in Integer)Integer
operator++(int) (defined in Integer)Integerinline
operator+=(const Integer &t) (defined in Integer)Integer
operator-() const (defined in Integer)Integer
operator--() (defined in Integer)Integer
operator--(int) (defined in Integer)Integerinline
operator-=(const Integer &t) (defined in Integer)Integer
operator/=(const Integer &t) (defined in Integer)Integerinline
operator/=(word t) (defined in Integer)Integerinline
operator<<(size_t n) const (defined in Integer)Integerinline
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const Integer &a)Integerfriend
operator<<=(size_t) (defined in Integer)Integer
operator=(const Integer &t) (defined in Integer)Integer
operator>>(size_t n) const (defined in Integer)Integerinline
operator>>(std::istream &in, Integer &a)Integerfriend
operator>>=(size_t) (defined in Integer)Integer
Plus(const Integer &b) const (defined in Integer)Integer
POSITIVE enum valueInteger
Power2(size_t e)Integerstatic
PRIME enum valueInteger
Randomize(RandomNumberGenerator &rng, size_t bitCount)Integer
Randomize(RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const Integer &min, const Integer &max)Integer
Randomize(RandomNumberGenerator &rng, const Integer &min, const Integer &max, RandomNumberType rnType, const Integer &equiv=Zero(), const Integer &mod=One())Integer
RandomNumberType enum nameInteger
SetBit(size_t n, bool value=1)Integer
SetByte(size_t n, byte value)Integer
Sign enum nameInteger
SIGNED enum valueInteger
Signedness enum nameInteger
Squared() const Integerinline
SquareRoot() const Integer
swap(Integer &a)Integer
Times(const Integer &b) const Integer
UNSIGNED enum valueInteger
WordCount() const Integer
~ASN1Object() (defined in ASN1Object)ASN1Objectinlinevirtual